Wednesday, August 8, 2007

It's a strange world, Sandy

I watched Blue Velvet again a few days ago, one of my favorite films by David Lynch, one of my favorite directors. Hence the title which is just seeming appropriate these days.

While waiting for the bus today, a beautiful and underfed calico cat befriended me as I feared I was about to see him run over before my eyes. I debated taking him home to at least feed him but didn't, primarily because of the other cat on my lap as I type this. Based on a cat sample of one (no doubt unscientific), Walden seems to get along much better with cats than he does with humans. Like human, like cat, I suppose. But I worried about the possibility of calico fleas and more life-threatening problems, the fact that I may very well only be able to take care of the cat I have for another year or so, and given the record number of shelter kills this year hoped that someone else would take him in. I was reminded of a similar situation a couple years ago when I visited a friend in Ohio and we found a new mother feline in a wooded park which neither of us could take. We brought food back which was eaten but couldn't find her again a few days later. I've helped a few animals in my time but I'm always troubled for a long time by each one I can't save.

When I started writing this blog, I told myself I wouldn't write about jobs at all, but yesterday was too unbearable to not mention and after all, I am just a temp soon to be gone anyway. In the course of 4 1/2 hours in a loud office where it's impossible to not hear others' conversations (especially since they're just shouted out to the crowd) I heard about an attempt to run over a rat which turned out to be a skunk, the dragging of a deer carcass back and forth along the road (maybe the only deer tale of recent months which didn't include joking reference to the Wisconsin guy who likes to have sex with non-human animals), shooting at raccoons on a bird feeder, and that a new restaurant sucks because they make their own ketchup instead of serving Heinz. Is it any wonder I try to work as few hours there as possible?

Why are there people like Frank?

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