Monday, September 24, 2007

This, Then That

I needed Satan. Oops, I kneaded seitan. OK, actually I kneaded gluten because it’s not seitan until it’s cooked. Or, as for some mysterious reason they refer to it here in Minnesota, mock duck. Not a big deal really, but it’s the first time I’ve made my own. Whatever the small cost of the flour, soy sauce, and onion and garlic was, it didn’t come close to the $4 charged for the premade box and I made about five times as much. True, it doesn’t really taste as good so I’ll have to look for some more recipes.

A hot and hazy morning for late September, with leaves turning and falling. Took some time to enjoy some spiderwebs in the sunlight on a railing overlooking Lake Superior, with a couple kayakers passing and a ship anchored. Last night I saw Gordon Lightfoot sing his famous song about one of those ships which couldn’t handle what the Lake had to offer.

I’m rereading Into the Wild (about Chris McCandless’s vagabond life which ended in starvation in Alaska) in preparation of seeing the movie of the same name. This was an important book to me when I first read it ten years ago and remains a very powerful subject for me because I share many of his values but didn’t make his choices, and reading it again is causing lots of reflection about my own life. We’ll see if I feel like making a soul-baring entry, or just social commentary, after seeing the film.

Good appears the government can’t just yell “Ecoterrorist!” and be guaranteed a conviction. Last week, Rod Coronado’s latest trial resulted in a hung jury in favor of acquittal. We might learn later this week if they intend to try again. Here’s a link (probably temporary) to a new LA Times article which gives the basics of the case via an article focused on three vegans who went to jail rather than testify. It doesn’t mention the government witness whose inflammatory testimony of what Coronado said was disproved by a tape of the speech which the prosecution hadn’t known existed. Whether you think Coronado’s past acts are heroic (my inclination) or terroristic (the opinion of whalers, hunters, animal researchers, the government, etc.), it’s nice to know that sometimes the facts still matter in a courtroom even in these Green Scare days.

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Oboe-Wan said...

Hm.... Just read the article.... the thing that keeps sticking my brain is the referral to people as "vegans" as though it's a political party or cult. It was weird.

On a nature note: I saw my first black widow spider, since moving here, on Monday. The exterminator was here & was spraying around the outside of the house - he told me there was a widow in the wall corner (we have walls around our backyards here) but he'd sprayed her & she'd be dead within an hour. As soon as he left, I ran outside & checked her out. She was still moving, but just barely, her legs curling inward. I couldn't help poking her w/a leaf to see what she was up to. I don't know why, really, but I told her I was sorry he'd sprayed her. I mean, she was outside after all, in her own element. It would have been a different story had she been in my house!! Anyway, she was dead within the hour, and it made me sad. She was beautiful.