Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Until November...

The greys continue: more rain yesterday with the east wind blowing pounding waves of Lake Superior to Duluth, fog this morning, and another big noreaster due tomorrow into Friday when I'm due to fly away. Though I expect to have plenty of time to write during the next couple weeks, I won't have a computer so I'll probably do a lot of typing in one session when I return in November followed by restocking the kitchen and ugh, job hunting, which I usually regard as a lose lose proposition. My long forecast unemployment began Tuesday afternoon with a sigh of relief, unsure which was the frying pan and which the fire; this afternoon I had an interview which was arranged quickly because I'll be out of town during the normal process. I have to call mid-vacation to see if I'm still in the running.

And now, because the cat just sat on this table staring at me and waiting for me to cross my leg to arrange his favorite lap position for him, it's time to sign off and begin 36 hours of quality cat time because I feel horribly about leaving him for so long. If I had a TV show like Ellen, I'd cry for you all about it. Have a good couple weeks.

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Oboe-Wan said...

Have a wonderful trip! Safe travels and hopefully kitty will survive his solitude. :)

"See" you when you get back!