Friday, December 14, 2007

Developing a Rant

It’s not development, it’s destruction. So I sloganeered on the newspaper’s website regarding a new building someone wants to put up in place of the trees and such which are there now.

Development is gaining knowledge and wisdom and compassion. Development is not making the same mistakes over and over. Development is not higher quantities of humans and buildings; it’s a better quality of life.

When will it be enough for these people who always want more? Do they want the whole planet paved and all of us living in one giant skyscraper? I don’t believe that, but if not, what gives them the right to decide when it’s enough after they’ve ignored those of us who say it’s enough right now?

There are more than enough people and more than enough buildings in a world where humans and/or their various forms of pollution dominate the land, sea, and sky. It’s time to draw the line in the sand and say not one more new building unless it’s replacing a building already there. Not one more tree needlessly cut down, not one more species’ home territory thoughtlessly destroyed.

I don’t care if it’s a golf course, a suburb, a hospital, corporate headquarters, summer condos, or free green housing for the homeless. I don’t care about the temporary construction jobs or the low wage service jobs in the new buildings or that the Watkins family thinks they need more space. Not one more goddamn acre of destruction.

And homeless...there’s an odd term. Could there be any culture more removed from its home than this one? We have fancy houses, but no home. Were nomadic people with a deep sense of place and knowledge of the seasons and an area’s plant and animal life and their uses and habits homeless? Or are we, who try to block out the weather and can’t tell one tree from another and would soon starve to death without our transportation system and supermarkets?


Terry said...

And homeless...there’s an odd term.

Excellent point. Not that I think we shouldn't help the people we've dumped on the streets, but the idea that the rest of us are 'homed' certainly needs review.

And even being homeless, in the main stream sense, might not be as bad in a less blasted environment.

Cheers -Terry

greentangle said...

Hey, Terry, welcome.

I think most people these days are alienated in almost every way...little contact with the natural world, no understanding of the processes by which that world works either scientifically or mythically, and a human society which has greed and individualism as its major goals with little sense of responsibility or sacrifice to anything beyond oneself.

And I of course am not against the folks on our streets either; I think I've liked a higher percentage of the homeless people I've met than of the middle class folks I've met. I just think there's already plenty of room for everyone in all the second homes and McMansions.

Lisa J. said...

There are WAY too many people who are out of touch with the earth. A new "Fresh & Easy" grocery opened on our corner - it's supposed to be um... fresh... and easy... convenient organic food or something. It was ridiculous. Prepackaged tomatoes & produce in clear plastic trays... What's sad is people think this is the "best" way to get "fresh" food!! They don't see the benefit of growing your own or buying REAL organic food from organic stores...

rant rant rant

There is a silver lining to living in Vegas: they tear down existing buildings to build new ones. BUT the suburban sprawl is reaching closer & closer to the edge of the mountain ranges. When will we be living "far enough" away from the city center? When does it all end?

Stephanie said...

Right on.