Sunday, December 16, 2007

Your Mommy Kills Animals

That's the name of a documentary about animal rights I saw today. The title's taken from a PETA comic book. The movie's a fairly even-handed look at the subject, with ALF and SHAC looking better to me than PETA and HSUS (both of which refused to appear in the film) and the anti-animal rights folks given plenty of time to express their opinions. Certainly lots of people aren't going to like some of the SHAC tactics seen, but that hardly makes them the country's biggest terrorist threat as the FBI has claimed.

My biggest complaint is that the backing of those antis wasn't identified. I think most people know what a farce the Center for Consumer Freedom is, started as a pro-smoking group by the tobacco industry, and still a mouthpiece for industry. A PETA person exposes them, but only in the process of not answering a legitimate question.

The other big anti spokesperson in the movie came from National Animal Interest Alliance. A check of their website shows their board made up representatives of Ringling Brothers, the rodeo, dog breeders, animal researchers, hunters and cattle ranchers. It's certainly no surprise that these folks will be anti animal rights, but shouldn't they change their name to the Interested in Making Money off Animals Alliance?

One of the people shown in the film is Rod Coronado. Back in September, I posted about the hung jury in his ecoterrorism trial. Here's an update on that from him.

“Dear friends and supporters~

On December 14th, before Judge Jeffery Miller in Federal Court in San Diego, I entered a guilty plea to one count of distribution of information related to the assembly of explosives and weapons of mass destruction. This was the one count I have fought for almost two years now and for which I faced approximately five to ten years in prison if found guilty at trial. In September of 2007, a jury instead voted 8-4 for acquittal and in the ensuing weeks, prosecutors in the case informed us that they would seek an additional indictment in Washington D.C., for a speech I delivered at American University in January, 2003. In exchange for a guilty plea in the San Diego case, the U.S. government has agreed to ask only for a one year prison sentence, drop pending charges in Tucson for my possession of raptor feathers and not to indict me in D.C. I am not required to testify against anyone else in any other investigations, and hopefully this plea agreement will once and for all grant me closure in a well-known campaign of repression against me for my past involvement, association and support for covert campaigns against environmental destroyers and animal abusers. It has long been my desire to put my past behind me and instead build a sustainable existence for myself, my wife, Chrysta, and two children, Anheles and Maya. This decision to take a plea bargain comes only after much careful consideration and a sincere desire to do what is best for my family. Such unconstitutional assaults on my free speech beg for a continued legal battle and defense, but I am instead choosing to reach a settlement that will allow me to move on with my life rather than face years of litigation that might lead to many years in prison.

My children need me. I am a father first and foremost, and have given 20 plus years to the battle against corporate and government policies which destroy our Earth. Now it is time to give of myself to the purpose of raising a family in these troubling times.

For the Earth, and all of her Children,

Rod Coronado


Lisa J. said...

I think most people know what a farce the Center for Consumer Freedom is

No kidding! I once commented on their website about something (I can't remember now what it is) and proudly checked the "HATE YOU!" box. :)

And I think this is good news from our friend Rod...

Stephanie said...

I have such a hard time with this. It's so infuriating when organizations who have absolutely no real interest in animals' well-being and rights are able to pass themselves off to the public as giving a damn about anything but their bottom line. And then groups and individuals with truly noble intentions who have the guts to take action end up in prison.