Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Seeing Animals

A few words on a couple books I've just read which each are filled with examples of animals feeling emotions and performing actions many people don't think them capable of.

First, Through Animals' Eyes: True Stories from a Wildlife Sanctuary by Lynn Cuny. This one's about ten years old, with thirty very short chapters each relating the story of one of the patients at Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation. Since most of my very limited rehab experience was with raccoons, I was happy to see three chapters about them. Many black & white photos are mixed in with examples of determination, devotion to mates and relatives, and interspecies friendships.

The second book is Where the Blind Horse Sings: Love and Healing at an Animal Sanctuary by Kathy Stevens. She is the founder and director of Catskill Animal Sanctuary in New York and I've added her related blog to my list at the right. This recent book does a nice job of combining heartwarming animal stories with information about factory farming, including a booklist on related topics, and will hopefully reach a new audience who will give more thought to their diet. Many color photos of the sanctuary residents are included. There are remarkable stories here including the courage and inner strength of Buddy, the blind horse of the title; the dying love shown by Samson, the one-ton-plus steer; the concern for other animals shown by Rambo, the sheep pictured below with Hannah; and friendly Paulie, the former cockfighting rooster who visits a yoga class. Throughout, we experience the love and respect toward animals which is shown by the people who work at the sanctuary.


Lisa J. said...

Ok! Links currently being followed.

LOVE the raccoon photo. Even my heartless-souless-vampire husband said "aw!"

Just kidding, he actually gets into that kind of stuff!

Lisa J. said...

Ooh, I keep forgetting to ask if you've seen this website? It's Open I watched the piglet rescue a few months ago. It's really cool that people have the stones to do this kind of stuff.

greentangle said...

I knew about the idea but don't know if I'd looked at the site before. I'm not sure if anyone is still doing it in the US because I think that qualifies as terrorism now. I know the Minnesota group listed has gone way mainstream since their early days ... if you search their website, the only reference to "open rescue" is that they did it in 1999.

Lisa J. said...

Oh well. I don't think I could stomach doing something like this anyway.

Too bad rescuing animals from torment is terrorism.