Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Animal Tales

Just a few quick news items.

PeTA sent a letter to a local middle school where a teacher has a wall of photographs of animals killed by his students. PeTA says this promotes violence; the teacher says it promotes culture, just like all the photos of hunters and killed animals in the local media. Along with my feelings for the dead animals,
I feel sorry for the kids who oppose hunting and have to look at this crap every day. The newspaper ran an article about this today as well as an editorial which while calling this a hard sell in a pro-hunting area does praise some of PeTA's other work such as working on alternatives to animal testing (next week's World Lab Animal Week.) Comments are allowed on the article and are running about as expected; at last count four people had made the People Eating Tasty comment.

Some time back I commented on great horned owls which had taken over a nesting box previously used by peregrine falcons. There are some great photos of the owlets here. Scroll down to the reports for March 10th and 31st.

Also mentioned in a previous entry was the disease being called white nose syndrome affecting bats. This has now been found in Connecticut as well as previously noted NY, MA, and VT.

Sea Shepherd's crew and ship protesting and filming the barbaric killing of baby seals have been repeatedly attacked by sealers, and now taken into custody by the Canadian government. In Canada it is illegal to watch a seal being killed, but actually killing them is a protected activity.

To end on a positive note, I'm currently reading the recent book The Animal Dialogues: Uncommon Encounters in the Wild by Craig Childs. I greatly enjoyed his encounters with cougars (one, probably at a zoo or some such place, is featured on the cover in profile in the snow) but my favorite tale so far involves rescuing a raccoon which had fallen and was trapped in a desert waterhole awaiting starvation. The raccoon didn't exactly cooperate with his rescue attempts but in the end was rewarded with pizza and freedom.


Lisa J. said...

I'm always frustrated & saddened by the fact that it is "illegal" to observe cruelty and to act out against it, but perpetrating the violence is condoned.

I'm sure you've experienced the same: people often ask me to justify why I don't eat animals. Being kind is the exception and we wonder why our world is so fucked up right now.

Lisa J. said...

I forgot to check the "follow-up" comments box, so sorry about this extra post!!!

greentangle said...

Yes, how weird you must be that you don't want to kill. No charge for comments, leave as many as you want!