Thursday, April 24, 2008

DNR Strikes Again

The folks who are Determined Nothing Remain have apparently struck again with news today that Solo the bear is dead. She never woke up from hibernation after the DNR moved her and her cubs a couple states away to get her away from people who enjoyed her company and people who didn't. If you recall, when the DNR arrived to move them, they found she had been pepper-sprayed by some brave human. So, blame the folks in uniform or out of uniform for her death. Your call, and either way, another revolting commentary on the species I'm unfortunate enough to have to call my own.


Lisa J. said...

Did she "not wake up from hibernation" or is that just the story they're telling? I'm feeling very skeptical on this explanation...

Poor Solo... and shame on everyone involved in the "removal" of wildlife all across the country. How about we remove some human settlements? Or relocate some undesirable people? I'd rather share a yard w/a bear than several humans I've known.

greentangle said...

The DNR spokesman said they don't know why she died and they thought she was in good health when moved. The DNR wanted to kill the bear and now she's dead. Four year old bears don't normally die unless shot. Lynn Rogers ( love to take that course if I had a spare $1000), who was studying Solo, blames the death on the move, and that certainly seems logical to me.

I wish the people who are supposedly so concerned about deer overpopulation (you know, the ones who shoot them so they won't starve), were half as concerned about the human overpopulation which causes the deer overpopulation.