Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Few Bits

I've been busy dealing with life lately and since this blog was never intended to be about personal issues, I haven't had the urge to write here. If you didn't realize this was ever intended to be about anything, the original post provides the themes. On a somewhat related matter, I see that someone has started Green Tangle dot relation.

I hooked a ride from friends to the big city last week and was able to sell off six boxes of unneeded stuff (there's plenty of people who need used stuff here, but since they don't have the money to buy it, we don't have a store that sells it). While there, we took a hike along the Mississippi River and saw deer, herons, and egrets.

I haven't started reading it yet, but the June 9th issue of Newsweek has some cover stories on endangered species. Don't bother reading the comments which seem dominated by the deniers. Mildly amusing site about another endangered species...the great turtle race.

What I have started reading is The Last Campaign by Thurston Clarke about Robert Kennedy's run for the presidency which ended tragically just over forty years ago. I remember the assassination but not the train carrying his body from New York to DC...a description of that makes for a moving first chapter in a book about hope, and for many people, the end of both hope and an era.

Edited to add that I've just learned a couple weeks late of the death of Utah Phillips, who had been having heart problems for some years. A very funny, very caring, very political great old singer and storyteller I once chatted with in Harvard Square and will always remember. If you're not familiar with his recordings, you really owe it to yourself to check them out. RIP, Utah.

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Lisa J. said...

There will always be people who "deny" the obvious like global warming, endangered species, racism, war... It's scary that they are so detached from the true natural order of things that they can't see what humans are really doing to this planet.

I wish for Utopia. But people are too ignorant to see that things could be better.