Thursday, July 24, 2008

Today's Animals

I want to try to put a little more emphasis on animal-themed posts here so I'll occasionally be putting up some related news items. Here are the first two:

The European Union has proposed a ban on imports of products from seals killed in a cruel way. As opposed to the nice way, I guess, but moving on ... This focuses on the infamous Canadian seal hunt and its annual $5.5 million worth of exports to the EU. Canada says this would violate trade laws and threatens legal action. This elevation of trade and money over the rights of a country to make its own ethical and environmental choices is an abomination.

Three dead leatherback turtles have washed up on the shores of Massachusetts this month. Researchers usually see one or two each year.

When I added the list of sanctuary and rehab links to the blog many months ago, I was thinking of a series of posts spotlighting some groups with interesting websites and which seem to be doing good work. An appearance here shouldn't necessarily be taken as a full endorsement because I'll be mentioning organizations I have no direct experience with.

The first group (chosen alphabetically) is accredited by the American Sanctuary Association (linked on the right). Animal Ark is a 38 acre sanctuary and nature center located near Reno, Nevada. Some aspects of it may be a little too zooish for my ideal preferences, but it provides a lifetime home for wild animals which are considered unreleasable for various reasons and which might have been killed otherwise.
They also meet the majority of their energy needs through solar and wind power.

One thing I like about their website is that along with photos are the histories of the animals and how they wound up living there. Some were orphans, some had been used in the entertainment industry, some were kept as pets, some were injured. I would definitely visit if I were in the area.

And for my fellow cranky readers, don't worry ... I'm working on one of those posts also.

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