Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where's Greentangle?

In at least one of these photos (the 11th if you must know, at least til they add more photos or change the URL) of tall ships visiting town this weekend. Despite the optical illusion and all the worried people in the first photo, yes, the masts do fit under the bridge. ;-)


Lisa J. said...

Wow! I forgot how awesome the Tall Ships are. I grew up in Rochester, NY, this was always a big event. :)

Anonymous said...


But I don't understand the concept of parades of tall ships. And cannons? And groupies?

Who are these people who sail these tall ships? Historians? Reenactors? Rich folks out for a lark? They look expensive.

greentangle said...

I could have done without the cannons myself. And I don't think I ever went to see much larger numbers of them when I lived in New England, but here we need entertainment.

Which is part of why this weekend has been declared the biggest tourist event ever here with a $10 million impact. There have been lines with thousands of people waiting to tour the ships; I was content watching them sail in and I might watch them leave.

I think the ships are mostly all non-profits or museums. The three here this weekend are Niagara
Pride of Baltimore
and Madeline