Friday, July 25, 2008


No, it's not pornographic or my response to the recently completed Y, a comic book aka graphic novel about the last man on Earth. It's a simple little geek post in which I declare that I thoroughly enjoyed the new X-Files movie (I Want to Believe) which I saw this afternoon.

Not for the fairly lame plot about creepy skin-crawly human monsters, but for the older and more mature relationship between Mulder and Scully (who's much hotter now--how's that for mature?) and because of the fact that it snows for the entire friggin' movie. Boy, does it snow. Maybe it's more of a blizzard. And there's ice. And snowcovered landscapes. Well, maybe not the entire movie, but it snows til the closing credits. Make sure you stick around for those because most of the people in the theater with me missed something in their hurry to leave two minutes early. I look forward to watching the dvd to catch the titles of a couple books shown in passing at interesting moments during the movie. And did I mention the snow?

Seriously, the relationship is the star of this movie and on a much more realistic and less coy way than it often was in the series. I think there may be nothing better between humans than the relationship between two lovers/partners/friends over a long period of time. To know and be known, to always care. If you can make it work in a marriage and sustain that level of intimacy, good for you. As more of a loner myself, what I find much more interesting and satisfying are people who repeatedly come and go from each other's life in various relationships. I still have that connection with a woman I first knew twenty five years ago and have little doubt we'll remain important to each other in some way until we die. In another case, I'm currently not in touch with someone I knew for ten years and have no doubt will be back in my life someday. Even without contact, she remains important to me because of that knowledge.

While I'm rambling on about the enjoyment of yin & yang, I might as well mention a cookbook titled Rice & Spice by Robin Robertson. Got this from the library a few days ago and started a list of page numbers of recipes I wanted to try. It soon became clear that I was going to need to renew this when the month was up, and buy it if ever employed again. First up today was Spicy Tofu & Broccoli Stir-Fry (another long-running relationship) and as I was dumping the garlic and the ginger and the scallions and the red pepper flakes into the pan I had no doubt it was going to be a winner and it was. In the 29 recipes I still want to try, I'll be moving through Thailand, India, the Middle East, Spain, Cuba, Mexico, New Orleans (where I'm especially hoping these veggie versions will turn out well), the American South and Southwest, and back to Asia and Europe for some soups and salads. Sorry, I have no room left for dessert. But look me up in a few years.

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