Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Feral Cats and Banded Birds

Yes, two days after I wrote that I wouldn't be here as much, I'm back.

I had to share this article (highlights follow) about a feral cat colony near condos in Franklin, MA, the town where my father lives. Plans were underway to trap and kill all the cats because they left footprints on cars, but those plans are now on hold after a deluge of complaints.

Admittedly, humans feeding the cats caused the population to get so large in the first place, but they've apparently all been fixed and immunized. An 81 year old woman with lung cancer walks into the woods twice a day to feed the cats. Sincere bravos for her.

But let's face it, you know by now that it's my disgust with humans that really gets me going, so here's the villain of this piece. A condo board member said they've been waiting for the woman to die before killing the cats but got pissed off when they learned a replacement has been found to continue feeding the cats. "Enough is enough," she said. "I'm a human being. I live here."

Let me also pass on the 2008 banding report (a pdf file) from the folks who band the peregrine falcons I write about, as well as many other raptors in the upper Midwest. I don't completely agree with everything they do, but there are a lot of great photos, natural history, weather reports, and adventures mixed in there. The report on the nest site I follow is on page 16.

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Stephanie E. said...

"I'm a human being"? Is she fucking serious?

Oh, but now I understand her outrage. Paw prints on clean cars. Cats spraying on shrubs. Oh, the horrors.