Thursday, September 4, 2008

Animal Shelters and Political Gatherings

Letting other people tell you about...

Here's an article about the largest animal shelter in the state which killed over 14,000 animals last year, smaller no-kill shelters, and all the troubling sad issues involving pet euthanasia. This is a subject I've been trying to remain in denial about for as long as possible because it's the most probable future for Walden, who's a sweet cat to me but probably not very adoptable due to his black & white coloring, terror of all other humans, and an occasional habit of urinating in locations other than his litter box. To date all I've done is make a list of some no-kill shelters but my recent decision to stay here as long as possible gives us until spring to deal with it.

Will Potter's Green is the New Red blog has a nice round-up of the police activities going on at the Republican convention which corporate news sources won't bother telling you about. Personally, if I'd moved to St. Paul a couple years ago as I almost did and probably should have, I'd be at the Nader Super Rally right now. Anyone who really cares about things like democracy, integrity, honesty, and representation should find someone other than a Democrat or Republican to vote for.

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