Monday, October 6, 2008

A Berry Busy Day

Today I was lucky to watch something I knew happened but hadn't seen before.

A chipmunk was busy in the trees out back, stuffing her cheeks with berries, traveling along branches which weren't even thick enough to be called twigs and which flipped under her weight and left her dangling. Several "whoa"s escaped my lips as I watched through binoculars. A small flock of robins was working the trees at the same time. Pouches full, she headed to her home directly opposite my window. Later, I saw her pursuing the safer course of picking up fallen berries from the ground. I imagine you could virtually share my experience by watching this video which I haven't seen, but that's a much sturdier branch than the ones my neighbor was coping with.


Lisa J. said...

This reminds me of the story a friend of mine told me:

Her cat had caught a chipmunk & brought it into the house. The chipmunk, completely stunned with fear, lay "dead" under the bed in the guestroom. My friend, thinking the chipmunk was dead, tried to sweep the "body" with a broom. This apparently woke the chipmunk who had a mouthful of acorns & sunflower seeds! The chipmunk spit the seeds everywhere as it tried to run from my friend. Of course, my friend is now screaming, the cat has run off to hide from the chaos & the chipmunk is spitting & scurrying all over the house! After a few minutes of chasing, screaming & spitting, she finally swished the chipmunk out the door!

I'll never forget this story & it will never stop making me laugh even after all these years!!!

greentangle said...

Traumatic as that must have been for everyone involved, it's hard not to laugh at the thought of a resurrected chipmunk spewing seeds! :-)