Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Don't Need a Weatherman . . .

. . . to know Sarah Palin blows, and I don't have any doubt that Bill Ayers is vastly more intelligent and would make a better vice-president. Ah well, one corrupt oil-loving animal-hating Alaskan Republican down and one to go. Actually there's a lot more than two, but you have to start somewhere.

. . . to report that I saw my first snow of the season yesterday. Just a few flakes though some areas got an inch or so.

. . . because I've got Henry Thoreau's records. An article (with a bad typo--a missing not) on the disappearing plants in the Walden Pond area--27% gone since his time. And some photos from the area.

Adding a much better article on the subject from the Times.

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