Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hungry Cougars Surprise Hunters

So read the headline in the News Tabloid this morning. Wow, I thought, this is gonna be one of the best hunting stories yet.

But apparently not hungry or surprised enough, as the article told the story of living hunters who had shot a deer. Before they caught up with the
fleeing wounded doe, she was killed and partially eaten by two cougars, presumably a mother and young or two young siblings since they're usually solitary animals. Chased off their interrupted meal, the cougars circled the hunters until the men called for reinforcements and escaped with the doe's remains.

This could be great news if cougars start following hunters around the way ravens follow wolves in search of an easy meal. Might actually turn hunting into a sport. Better luck next time, cougars. For now we'll just have to enjoy the typical reports of hunters falling out of tree stands or shooting themselves and each other. I bet they were surprised too.

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Terry said...

Saw a limping buck on the way into work this morning, it could have been hit by a car (or scratched by a cougar) but I imagine it was shot and not killed by a hunter.