Monday, March 9, 2009

Everybody Must Get Stoned

Thanks to Terry for bringing this story to my attention: Zoo chimp 'planned' stone attacks. The article tells the story of how Santino, a chimp at a zoo in Sweden, would gather rocks in the morning to throw at the humans who would come later in the day to point and laugh at him. And he didn't just pick them up off the ground, he learned how to find weak spots where he could break off chunks from larger concrete boulders.

It's all fascinating stuff, but possibly the most interesting part of the article is the headline. Over a story which details the unambiguous steps and planning involved, the BBC still felt obligated to put 'planned' in quotes. It's very important for some people to try to keep humans superior even when contrary evidence is right in front of them. We are, of course, unique, but then so is every other species.

That article also doesn't tell you that as punishment for daring to throw stones at presumably paying visitors who were taunting him, the zoo had alpha male Santino (who was not attacking fellow chimps) castrated. You can read about that in the AP version.

Personal update: My hope of using a part-time job I enjoyed as means to getting a second better paying part-time job, the combination of which might have let me afford to stay in Duluth and keep my cat for another year, was dashed into a full time job I hated which had terrible hours, didn't cover my expenses, and would only have wasted my last few months in Duluth. So I'm back to blogging, volunteering, and keeping my fingers crossed I'll be out playing in the noreaster blizzard which may hit us tomorrow.


Northland said...

What is this about your cat and not keeping it? I sympathize with you. I hope you can find some work that you can tolerate so you can stay in Duluth, if that is what you want. Times are rough all over - if you move, I hope you are moving to a better situation. By situation I mean sustainable living. I appreciate your perspective in not just talking but walking a biocentric lifestyle.

Allan Stellar said...

I second what Northland said!