Friday, May 22, 2009


You don't need to have read too many of my posts to guess that I'm not interested in mansions. So in the eight years that I've lived here, I've attended a couple events on the grounds but I've never been in Glensheen. But there were rare free tours today so I headed over this morning after checking out a job possibility.

And in fact, I found the mansion the least interesting part of the property. I suppose it's my unAmerican gene--I'm not impressed by how many bathrooms they had while most people in town didn't have running water. And seeing lots of old mahogany furniture just makes me think of deforestation. Gold leaf ceiling? Yawn.

The mansion is probably most famous these days because a couple murders took place there and there are reports that it's haunted. I'm not a believer (didn't see her face) but I will say that while we were in the kitchen, a cabinet door did seem to open by itself.

But I did enjoy looking at the horse stalls and old carriages and sleigh in the carriage house. Seems like a much more civilized mode of transportation to me than the automobile--a slower pace, more connected to nature. Maybe I'd be less enthused if I were walking around in horse manure, but at least that would be more useful than the dogshit all over town.

And as usual, the best was outside. The grounds, a waterfall I'd never seen before, the view of the Lake, the running rabbit, the big trout swimming in the pool at the mouth of Tischer Creek, and best of all the two bald eagles (or one twice, the first time harassed by a crow) who flew low and directly overhead as I waited for the tour to begin.

Make my Glen a Scotch and you can keep the sheen.

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