Saturday, May 16, 2009

Upcoming Books

Here are some books due out in the next few months which I'm looking forward to reading. Tell me which interests you most and answer the other goofy poll questions as well if you like.

Operation Bite Back: Rod Coronado's War To Save American Wilderness by Dean Kuipers (June 23rd)
Hero or terrorist? Sinker of whaling ships, burner of buildings, releaser of animals, saboteur of hunts--a man who acted on his beliefs.

Wild Marsh: Four Seasons At Home In Montana by Rick Bass (July 1st)
An account of a year of natural events in the remote Yaak Valley by a solid writer, not quite in my highest level of favorites, but probably at the top of the second.

Letters To A Young Madman by Paul Gruchow (either July 10th or September 7th)
Before his suicide in 2004, this Minnesota nature writer had been working on this collection of writings about his mental illness and hospitalization experiences.

Great Chain Of Life by Joseph Wood Krutch (August 1st)
Republication of Krutch's 1956 (my birth year) book. "
Whether anticipating the arguments of biologists who now ascribe high levels of cognition to the so-called lower animals, recognizing the importance of nature for a well-lived life, or seeing nature as an elaborately interconnected, interdependent network, Krutch’s seminal work contains lessons just as resonant today as they were when the book was first written."

Following The Water: A Hydromancer's Notebooks By David M. Carroll (August 12th)
One of my favorite writer/artists, winner of a MacArthur genius grant, writes of the events in a wetland from thaw to freeze up.


Woodswalker said...

I'd choose both the Krutch and Carroll books, the first for its promotion of the interconnectedness of all creatures, the second because being on water is what I love to be best. Thanks for the recommendations. They all sound good.

Allan Stellar said...

Since I grew up in Minnesota and I earn my living as a psychiatric RN and also because I do like nature writing--I'd opt for the Madman book. Might have to pick that one up when it comes out...

greentangle said...

A little cool news--yesterday I got offered the Bass book as one of my freebies from Amazon. So I should have that in a few days. Yay!

Northland said...

Very interesting group of books. For me, I would have a hard time choosing, as my top choice to read between Operation Bite Back and Letters to a Young Madman. I was much impressed a few years back when I read Gruchow's 2 other books. When I heard about his suicide, I was left wondering, and I may now be able to get some answers.
Bass is usually a good author to read - of both fiction and non fiction. I wonder if his little (and excellent) essay "The Turtle" in Shambala Magazine is an excerpt from his new book?
Thanks for the heads-up on what's coming up in the book publishing world.

greentangle said...

Wouldn't surprise me at all if there's a turtle in the Wild Marsh--if I post a review here I'll let you know.

Amazon has deleted the Gruchow book from their site. They had the earlier date listed. The publisher (Milkweed) still shows it for September.