Sunday, July 19, 2009

DNR--What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

No, it's not all falcons all the time. Here's a stupid humans story about broad-winged hawks.

It seems that for weeks a pair of hawks in a Minneapolis suburb were dive bombing people who got too close to their nest which held a couple young. They'd hit 4 people, causing 2 of them to bleed. Oh my! Most animals, even including people, will defend against any perceived threat to their young. Everyone knows you don't get between Mama Bear and Baby Bear, and our mother falcon always hits the banders at her nest.

Here in Minnesota, killing animals is considered a healthy activity, a family tradition, a god-given right, and good fun for all. That's why there's a Department of Natural Resources, to make sure there are always enough animals to kill and that they don't all get wiped out at once by folks getting carried away by that joyous killing spirit. Good God, Y'All! Kill it again!

So, like a speeding train approaching a car stuck on the tracks, a DNR officer came to investigate these killer hawks. Fortunately, he had a gun because what do you know, the hawks dove at him too. It was self-defense, Your Honor. Apparently after killing the first hawk, he waited a half hour before killing the second one, in case the second one calmed down and stopped defending the nest. Because really, if you saw your mate killed in front of you, wouldn't that have a soothing effect on you? No word on whether he then got in a little more target practice by shooting the nestlings or just left them there to starve to death. Actually, I assume they were taken into protective custody and placed with social services.

Now, there isn't any shortage of broad-winged hawks. At Hawk Ridge, the counters see two or three times as many of them as any other species during fall migration. But there also certainly isn't any shortage of people--and it's not like they were being hunted for food. They were just being warned to stay out of one little area for a few weeks. Apparently fencing off the area or putting up warning signs or wearing football helmets or changing behavior or walking route for a few weeks to let life live was out of the question. That just wouldn't be Minnesota Nice.


Woodswalker said...

What a tragedy! I hope this event gets widespread notice and appropriate recriminaitons. Most hunters I know have no use for this kind of cowboy shoot-em-down crap.

lph said...


One can only hope that the hawk drew a little blood before the DNR got him.

Kind of reminds me of when people sneak up on bears, leave a messy campsight, do everything wrong and then are bothered by a curious bear...just being a bear.

I've always wondered why they kill the bear in that situation and not the ignorant human.

Personally I always cheer for the bear, or the hawks, or even the rodents.

Take care,


Allan Stellar said...

Jesus, we have a whole long ways to go, don't we?