Friday, July 24, 2009

Google, a Falcon Update, and Workplace Horror

Do you use Google Alerts? You type in what you want to hear about and get a daily email with links to related news items, blog posts, etc. It's a good way to keep up with subjects that interest you. One of mine is for "wildlife rehabilitation" which, like life in general, sends me simultaneously disgusting and uplifting tales. Recently, baby beavers and baby bears. Click the bear photo for more cub pics.

The folks over at NBN pointed out this Google Keyword Tool. I think it's about helping you advertise your website, but I just found it amusing. You enter your URL and it gives you some suggestions for promoting yourself. Most of mine were wildlife related, but I also had a bunch about getting your ex back which seemed as tawdry/creepy as those ads for How to Pick Up Women books. (I suppose that will now become a new suggestion and also bring as many odd searchers as all those men who come here looking for cougars. WRONG COUGARS, GUYS! I really should start calling them mountain lions.) Anyway, I've occasionally written about exes in some of my more memoirish posts, but I've never written anything about trying to get one back. And all the stuff I do write about--books, writers, ecology, radical environmentalism, animal ethics issues--no related suggestions for them. Clearly no money to be made on those topics!

We finally got some closure about my little falcon buddy Zinger when someone found his body which was down to bones and feathers. It appeared he'd been electrocuted back when we'd stopped seeing him weeks ago. His brother was apparently the victim of a collision with a vehicle. The good news is that the female down at the Raptor Center appears to just be bruised or strained, not broken, and if all goes well will be coming back here for release soon. EDIT to add even better news after reading an email just after posting this--we'll be releasing her Sunday morning!

I had an interview this week for a stressful job I knew I'd hate but which offered a chance to stay here so I gave it a shot. Early in the interview I learned that a couple offices had been merged and not only would the job itself stress me out, I'd also be working with a group of people I'd worked with previously and didn't really want to work with again. My instinct was to end the interview immediately, but I stuck it out and probably fortunately didn't get offered the job. Which leaves me a month or so before I reach the point of no return and start shipping stuff out of here. Considering that unemployment in the area is in the double digits and the grocery store I asked at this morning isn't even taking applications, I'm not hopeful.

But I am hopeful for those cubs and kits, and looking at their photos brings me a lot more pleasure than the thought of another meaningless job. Clearly no money to be made by me but even if all goes to hell, or maybe especially if all goes to hell, I'll be back someday for another falcon brood. Whew--straining to tie all that together has ex-hausted me. Sleep now.


Anonymous said...

I'm very sad to learn of Zinger's fate. I'm sorry for your loss.

greentangle said...

Yes, I was hoping for a lengthy Zinger family tree to follow for the rest of my life. Ah, well.

His sister Mariah got released from rehab today and after a few minutes of flapping her wings on the edge of the carrier she was in, went on a flight and later landed on her birth building. Then she took another flight and Ma Falcon saw her and did some dives and flying at her. So hopefully they recognize each other since Ma & Pa still need to provide food now.

Northland said...

I'm back from another Isle Royale trip and read with interest your blog and comment. Any new info on Mariah's parent's acceptance of her?
Nice to read your posts. The reality of all fledgling's statistical fates is brought into a sad focus by your illustrations of these Duluth Peregrines.

greentangle said...

Nothing new--as time passes, it gets harder to know what's going on because they're spreading out more. Often now when I'm downtown looking around, I won't see any of them. I did see two falcons Monday, one of them eating on the building where I'd last seen Mariah the day before, but can't be sure who they were. The woman who runs the program and is much better at IDs than I am had planned to look for them Tuesday but I haven't heard anything.

I know that early one spring the adults were flying peacefully with one of the previous year's fledglings, so my preferred assumption is that they recognize each other in some way. Some people were concerned that the mother was attacking Mariah when diving at her when they first saw each other Sunday, but there was no contact and the mother wouldn't have had any trouble killing Mariah if that had been her intention. Maybe she was just saying, "Where the hell have you been? I've been worried sick!"

Sonya said...

The co-op is hiring cahsiers:

I've been there about six years, mostly because, as you've probably noticed, there's not a lot of opportunities out there if you have both a social conscious and few marketable job skills. It's decent as far as retail goes, you get a lot of free food and health insurance at 30 hours/week.

greentangle said...

Thanks, but that wouldn't help me at this point. In any case, I've interviewed there a couple times for office jobs over the years, once for a job they called me about which I hadn't even applied for, and wasn't hired. They haven't even called me when I've applied for store jobs.