Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Bits, More Pieces

Falcon update--3 of the 4 young birds have now left the box, with the youngest to follow in the next few days. They're flying between several buildings downtown--it's easy for the parents to keep track of them because they're very loud when they want a meal. The parents will still be delivering food for about six weeks as the fledglings improve their flying skills and learn to hunt on their own. That big ball of fluff I babysat a few weeks ago during banding is now a very handsome and adventurous bird, and was the first to fledge. I'm a proud poppa!

As my falcon time winds down, I'll return to cutting my book and cd inventory. I'm down to about 135 cds and 170 books, but also have over 100 concerts on discs remaining from my days of trading them. It's interesting to me how difficult I'm finding it to sell more cds at this point even though I rarely listen to them anymore. There are a lot of emotional ties to the past mixed in with the notes. I've completely dumped my classical collection and most of the jazz, but it's the rock & folk from my teens, twenties, and thirties which seems so hard to get rid of. I need to improve my letting go of the past skills.

Book news--the publication date for Paul Gruchow's Letters to a Young Madman has been pushed back to May 1, 2010 according to publisher Milkweed. I've started his The Necessity of Empty Places and am loving it but it's now had to drop in the pile behind some library and Vine books.

A new upcoming one which might be of interest to some of my readers is Tree Spiker by EF! cofounder Mike Roselle. It's scheduled for September 29th.

And tonight I picked up Operation Bite Back: Rod Coronado's War to Save American Wilderness (and also a lot of animals though that's not in the title) from the library. It's seems like an appropriate reading choice for a weekend which is all about lighting fuses. I haven't read a word yet, but it certainly seems like a book with the potential to lead to an interesting post.

An observation on that killing culture: while waiting for a bus last week, I found myself looking at an ad in the window of Ace Hardware. I was struck by how many of the sale items seemed to be fatal, so I counted and found that 1/3 of the ad was about killing something. Insects, "weeds", you name it; in this country, we've got a way to kill it. So I'm wearing my flag shirt today to get in the mood for the holiday: blue and white stripes, trees replacing stars against a green background, and the motto In Nature We Trust beneath it.


lph said...


I just discovered your blog through Allen @ 365 Walks!. I've enjoyed perusing it the past couple of days.

I enjoy it!

Your entry today caught my attention because you mentioned Paul Gruchow. Several years ago I read "The Necessity of Empty Places." I then read "Grass Roots" and "Boundary Waters," and then I reread them all. And still glance at hi-lighted passages once in awhile.

Anyway, I was excited that he had a new book coming out and then was devastated to learn that he passed in 2004. I had no idea. I've spent much of the morning looking at "The Paul Gruchow Foundation" web page.

I am saddened by his passing, but excited to have spent the morning reading and learning about him.


I will check back to your blog often.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Dad! You sound very proud.

All the books you mentioned sound great and I'll add them to my reading list.

greentangle said...

Yes, Anon, I'm proud of little Zinger (named by a donor). Now I have to worry that he at least makes it out of town this fall and into the big world. Most likely, that will be the last we'll ever hear of him.

lph, thanks for visiting. Paul had been living in a house about 10 blocks from me at the time of his death. I met him once when he came to our bookclub when we read Boundary Waters. His presence increased the group's size quite a bit and we sat outside in a big circle on the shore of Lake Superior--a beautiful setting to discuss the book. He was friendly, very open about his problems, and signed our books for us. That's one I'll be keeping as long as I'm living.

donw said...

Roselle is presently very active in stopping mountain top removal, was recently arrested for trespass on Massey Coal property along with other protesters.