Friday, August 7, 2009

Mr. Bird's Corvid Proves Aesop's Fable

Do you ever wonder how many stories like this it would take to make the average human start treating other animals with some respect? I would wonder if I had more respect for the average human, but who wants to consider the intelligence and emotions of animals? That might make people think twice about eating, shooting, skinning, caging, drugging, and using them for amusement.

Maybe not the best story to make my point since it involves captive rooks, but that's the top story today on a great blog I just discovered. The Water Cache Project gathers dozens of wildlife stories almost every day and provides links to them. Bears, raccoons, skunks, deer, cougars, bighorn sheep, eagles, turtles, and wolves are all found on today's list. And that blog goes to the top of my list.


Northland said...

What a fantastic blog site is The Water Cache Project Blog! This really is one of the best sources of news on animals and nature that I have seen. The links that follow are just what is needed to get the details.
Thanks for posting this Greentangle.

greentangle said...

Yeah, all the stories aren't winners and it's a mix of odd local bits and national legislative stuff but I think it's a great resource for stories. Could probably pick one each day to do a post on.

This one just went up on the local newspaper site late this afternoon--we'll see if it makes it in his roundup for tomorrow. A woman swimming in a WI lake heard hissing, saw an otter, then saw three otters, one surfaced near her, she decided to get out but was bitten by two of them as she did. Fortunately, she's not going nuts and demanding all otters be killed.