Wednesday, September 9, 2009

You played it for her, you can play it for me!

I haven't been paying much attention to events in town lately, which I guess explains why I didn't know until yesterday that my two favorite singer-songwriters from the 80s and 90s (they're each still singing and writing but that's when they were most interesting to me) are playing here this month. Ignorance removed, I bought my ticket to see Fred Eaglesmith at the Red Mug (across the tracks from Dan's Feed Bin--"If we can't feed it you don't need it") later this month, and Greg Brown is playing outdoors after the Harvest Festival this Saturday--I'll go early to attend a couple workshops on raw food and wild food which might come in handy down the road.

For a couple decades starting in the early 80s which included time as a regular on Prairie Home Companion, Brown was far and away my favorite way to spend money on albums, cassettes, and cds, and his were the only lps I kept when I moved from Boston. For the upcoming move, I'm keeping seven of his cds (second only to Dylan) and twenty concert recordings (almost double runner-up Garcia).

Eaglesmith puts on some of the most entertaining live shows I've attended. When I last saw him at the same club three years ago, my face was hurting from laughing so much at the funny stories he tells between songs which are often very dark. I like dark, in case you haven't noticed. After a couple songs at that show he pointed out a few empty seats, including one next to me, to folks who were standing. "This guy looks like he could use a date," pointing to me. I said "Thanks, Fred" and he said he was just trying to help me out--it's hard to get a date these days without a computer. Uh oh, I'm going to be in trouble in a few weeks!

Altogether, I'll be keeping a total of about 200 cds, concerts, and cassettes (most of the tapes either made for me or by me). Along with the folks already mentioned, I'll still have what I consider the best of Beatles, Bromberg, Browne, Cockburn, CCR, Griffin, Harrison, Holiday, Kristofferson, Lennon, Marley, McGhee, Rolling Stones, Simone, Smither, Waits, War, Waterboys, Webster, and assorted others. If anyone's interested in who any of these people are or what I consider their best, ask and I'll tell you.

This weekend will also be Hawk Weekend up at Hawk Ridge, run by the same folks who do the peregrine falcon program I've spent so much time with during the past four Junes. It's been a record year for raptors counted in August--growing population, lack of food, early winter, better counting? Lots of possible explanations, but in any event I look forward to getting up there if not Sunday, then some other day before I leave town--I'm keeping an eye on wind direction and my schedule trying to pick a good day.

And of course, in the month I'm leaving town, Duluth has finally gotten a theater showing independent films.


Allan Stellar said...

Okay, I'll bite. What do you think is the best Beatles album? The best Jackson Browne album?

My vote? Abbey Road for the Beatles; Running on Empty for Jackson Browne.

As for a date without a computer? Oh, at our age, who cares about a date. Isn't that a young man's game? Or a game for a peter pan man obsessed with subduing prey? Better to read a good book, drink a bottle of wine and hope that the gods (and not eharmonydotcom) brings a suitable friend and companion along (hopefully with a trustfund). I wish you the best...


greentangle said...

I should have written favorite; best implies being qualified to make some objective judgment. So, favorite. . .

Abbey Road is one of the half dozen or so remasters I'd be buying now if I still had income--I only have tapes of Beatles lps--but my top pick would be either Rubber Soul or Revolver. I usually think of Lennon's In My Life as my favorite Beatles song.

As for Browne, by far it's Late for the Sky with all its romantic apocalyptic poetry. It would be in my top ten albums if I'd ever made such a list. Hmmm. . .

I was just playing along with the dating joke--yes, that hasn't been a concern of mine in a long time. And there is someone out east who has often been that companion during the past 25 years, but our relationship has always been, oh, temperamental--so we'll see if we like each other this time. :-)