Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today's Quote: Sacred Texts

"On a number of occasions in green enclaves I have heard activists speak of Thoreau's writings as sacred texts; writings by others evoke similar reverence, typically those by John Muir and Aldo Leopold but also increasingly those of Rachel Carson, Joseph Wood Krutch, Edward Abbey, Loren Eiseley, and a number of others."
--Bron Taylor, Dark Green Religion

I'm approaching the halfway point of this book and greatly enjoying it. It's nice to at least get my mind back into what I care about while I'm temporarily sleeping in suburbia and doing most of my walking on sidewalks with automobiles zooming past. Ugh! One way or another, I expect to be back closer to nature in April or May. Details to eventually follow when I know them.

It's a very wide-ranging book which I'll eventually review on Amazon. There's a 20 page appendix of Thoreau quotes backing up the author's claim of eight themes in HDT's writing which are common in dark green religion (defined as nature being considered sacred with intrinsic value and worthy of reverent care). I'm currently on a chapter about radical environmentalism; still to come, predators, the arts, the United Nations, and surfing. I told you it was wide-ranging.


Allan Stellar said...

Gosh, always a mystery with you. Can't you give us a hint as to where you might go? :)

The book sounds me out with the title. Lord knows we need a dark green religion (as you call it). This intrigues me..

I look forward to the Amazon review...


Allan Stellar said...

Oops...gotta read a bit more closely. There's the title... :)

greentangle said...

Gotta keep em guessing, Allan. ;-)

The default position is returning to Duluth for falcon season at least, but I'm actively working on one other option and looking for more. Those, I won't describe unless they happen.