Monday, December 7, 2009

Another year older and deeper in debt

Actually, no one will let me get deeper in debt, so that's ok. Just older. Me and Pearl Harbor, down in infamy.

A couple nights ago, we got our first lasting snow. The next morning, I threw snowballs which the giant pit bull/black lab jumped up and caught in his mouth. It appeared that he chewed them, but his mouth is so big he may just have swallowed them whole.

Yesterday a friend and I visited Winslow Farm, which fortunately turned out to be much less slick than I thought it might be. The melted snow made it more of a muck rather then slick experience. Despite all the rescued farm animals, highlights turned out to be a talented border collie who followed us around insisting we throw items--first a ball and when that disappeared pine cones were an acceptable substitute, and a cat who climbed me and curled up on my shoulders, something neither of the ones I lived with ever did. We finished off the day with a delicious orzo and roasted vegetables meal.

A much more memorable day than my visit to Boston Friday--I wandered the Arboretum and Emerald Necklace and was struck by how small and manicured everything seemed after living in much wilder Duluth for so many years. I felt like a kid returning to the childhood home where everything now seems so much smaller. If something works out as I hope in the spring, Duluth may seem just as small and tame the next time I return there. (I just had to add that bit of suspense for the benefit of my walking blogging friend.)

The less I write, the more nice things people say: First here, and now in a review of writing blogs from the Nature Blog Network. Check out the other blogs there and see if you find any new favorites.


Allan Stellar said...

Ah the suspsense! You deserve all the kind words written about you and your writing...


greentangle said...

Oh, you're being pretty mysterious these days also--fleeing the country, um, I mean, getting a passport.