Friday, January 8, 2010

New Polls! New Links! Posts Which Might Have Been!

I've added a couple polls which might remain permanently asking for your favorite posts and favorite types of posts. I don't expect this will make any difference in what I write; I'm just curious green. If you choose Other, please explain here. Also, a new search box since I never categorized these posts. So if you want to find everything I've written about the Carolina Parakeet (as far as I remember, nothing until just then), have at it. And I plugged in a "Currently Reading" box which I always intended to do but never got around to. I've tried a few approaches to counter a big spam increase and have settled for moderating comments only on older posts--I want real people to be able to comment anonymously if they choose, and I don't want to make you type a bunch of letters.

I often tinker with my Blogodiversity list of links to other sites. Here's some of what's new there.

Animal Rights and Anti-Oppression -- One of my very first blogging buddies, Stephanie Ernst later got a gig as animal rights blogger for She's now left that site, rounded up a few more writers (some I'd been reading, some new to me) and started this site. Power to the people (and all the other animals)!

Robyn in Yellowstone -- A Minnesotan snow-lover works in Yellowstone and posts lovely wildlife and landscape photos.

Isle Royale Wolves Journal -- This link's not new, but a new season of wolf/moose study and posts should be starting in a week or so. Tune in.

It's no secret that the quality of this blog has dropped since I've had much less computer time and much more stress. That's why I planned to end it when I left Duluth, but I discovered it was still a tenuous link to the world and readers I wanted to hang on to. Here are some topics I would have written about under better conditions.

Hunters around Lake Superior complaining it's harder to kill deer because there are too many wolves. This one really would have had my venom spitting, and you can probably imagine it without my needing to write it. Partly a ploy so they can kill wolves too, this really exposes the hypocritical rhetoric about hunters controlling the deer population. Many people would like to see fewer deer for many legitimate reasons--hunters aren't among those people. They just take advantage of the sentiment to make themselves appear to be acting for the public. (And this headline today--Nearly a dozen drunken hunters arrested in Wisconsin.")

Sea Shepherd--the bow of one of their boats got smashed off by a Japanese whaling ship! I'd love to be an onboard volunteer, but the application requires swimming ability I don't have. I suppose events like this are the reason for the requirement, but really, swimming in Antarctic water isn't going to make much of a difference. It's fun to compare both sides' self-serving and conflicting press releases and try to guess what really happened. And praise to Bob Barker for donating $5 million.

I hope you got to see the video of the octopus grabbing big shells to use as a shelter. I'd read previously about the intelligence of octopuses, and generally have a higher opinion of the capabilities of non-humans than most people do, so I wasn't that shocked. But for the average person who doesn't follow such things, wouldn't you expect, ideally, a little respect or contemplation, or at least a "Wow"? Not from the news anchor I saw present the video--he said it made him want a plate of calamari. And that's the way it is.


Northland said...

Life is also like your "posts which might have been". We could've always taken a different path, i.e. hung out in Duluth rather than helped someone leave the world in your old home town of Boston.
I am glad that you are writing and though it is rough to be where you now are, spring isn't too far off now.

Jackijo said...

Other. I just like to read your blog because I learn new something each time I do.