Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's Quote--A Difficult Time

"To go off to the swamps and woods was to abandon--in some measure to reject--home, family, and community. Human social units have a tendency to feel threatened by one who moves apart, particularly by one who goes toward the nonhuman. In the face of many uncertainties people seek reassurance, the reinforcement that they find in having a family stick close together, always having others be near them, never out of contact--thinking like them, saluting the same flag, attending the same church. A psychological and spiritual, even a physical, confinement becomes established, a subtle, binding entrapment. One who strays afield can come to feel the communal critique for separating out and be in for a difficult time."

David M. Carroll, Self-Portrait with Turtles


Northland said...

Carroll has clarified for me a familial and community dynamic that I have seen across cultures; when a "group member" leaves their group (strays afield) and is never accepted back without reservation by the group.

greentangle said...

I'm feeling huge frustration over this at the moment, and unfortunately am trying to put up with it temporarily. Having to tolerate judgment coming from someone whose values are exactly those which I've always opposed is repugnant, but for once I'm trying to make a couple months down the road more important than the present moment.