Friday, March 26, 2010

Getting Stranger

It's getting stranger all the time. First we got two months of rain in three days, up to 10 inches in the area. Then we had three days of about 70 degrees, followed by another two inches of rain. Yesterday, I seemed to get hit by a spring allergy while walking in the woods, and later had to pull off a tick. Today, while out walking between some snowflakes, I saw a squirrel eating McDonald's french fries by the side of the road. Those things'll kill ya!

Yesterday's walk was intended as a combination test of the new camera and
the new boots. Unfortunately, getting to the local natural areas requires me to walk about 3 miles on sidewalks first, and while lovely little spots, they're really not spectacular enough to merit the walk. Especially when the world still seems to consist primarily of last year's oak leaves.

Still, I do love water.

It's going to take me a while to get used to the profligacy of digital photography. Rather than trying to zoom in on that tiny white spot at the far end of the pond, and hold my hands steady, and wait for the swan to turn just right, and then frame it just right, I should just change a setting, point in the general direction, and let the thing take ten shots by itself. Then there might have been a better photo than anything I took.

I couldn't find any flowers, but I wanted to try the macro setting so I pointed it here.

I came here looking for turtles, but didn't find any.

I wanted to take some skunk cabbage photos, but by the time I got there I was sneezing a lot and ready to call it a day. And my cabbage patch is in an unusual location. It's a lovely little wetland, but it's not hidden in the woods--it's right in front of the high school! Long-haired greybeards such as myself, when near a school, are often assumed to be eager to sell something or molest someone, and since I've never lived anywhere with as many police cars constantly cruising the streets, it's best to wait til school's not in session. I'll try to get messy this weekend.


Bill said...

Strange days indeed. Kind of scary.

A few years back I wandered to the eastern part of Massachusetts during a very warm, 70 degree, day in February only to see painted turtles sunning themselves on the ends of logs extending out of the pond water.

I was completely freaked out. Fortunately I returned home to two feet of snow and a more settled feeling.

I'm still not prepared for these changes, and probably never will be.


greentangle said...

Yep, I figure I'll just spend the rest of my life heading north or to higher elevations. Unfortunately, the plants can't move as fast as I can.

From what I've read, Duluth has had a very warm March. Here, there's another two days and 2-4 inches of rain in the forecast.