Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

At 9 this morning, I was sitting at a desk in the basement room where I've been staying and killing an hour on the interwebs. At 10, I was going to watch a couple hours of the new National Geographic Wild station--a couple hours based in Yellowstone, one on bison, one on grizzlies. I was idly tapping my feet when I realized they were splashing.

Thus began 12 hours of mopping, water vacuuming, towel sopping and wringing, bucket filling, hauling, and dumping, and moving my boxes of books first to a different spot on the floor and then to piles on the bed and anywhere else I could find room.

This is our second once in a lifetime rainstorm this month sandwiching another pretty good one in between. By several inches, this is the wettest March Boston has ever had, and the second wettest month ever (apparently, the wettest month, an August 55 years ago, had some typhoons or hurricanes or something).

From the first splash, knowing the weather forecast, I knew it was a lost cause but what can you do but hold it off as long as you can. And for a while, we did. It was about 1:00 before it really started to take steady work to hold the water away from the rug in the center of the room. At 2:30 one of the water vacuum motors died in a puff of smoke and the game was over. Even with it, it would only have been a matter of time as more and more water started coming from more and more places. So we kept on for as long as we could, long after the heaviest of the rain had stopped falling from the sky and started moving through the ground. I don't know how many hundreds of gallons of water we dumped down the toilet today, but it seemed like it could have ended a drought somewhere. For most of the day, the water on the floor was less than an inch deep but we eventually gave up the losing battle and I just waded through a couple cold inches after taking a shower. I've moved up a floor for the night and tomorrow professional machinery comes to suck up whatever's there by then.

Oh, my aching back. I hope those Yellowstone shows get repeated again. I had a ride tomorrow to retreat to the monastery for a few hours to take some photos but it seems unlikely I'll be able to take advantage of that now. Too bad, I'm sure there will be some more interesting water flowing there.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Greentangle,
I love the sound and feel of the mountains rivers as much as the next man, or woman. But running on through my bedroom AFTER a shower is another kettle of fish. Hope you get to those western hills soon. Kia kaha.

donw said...

We are having the opposite weather here by L. Superior - Temps in the 60's and no rain - wildfire danger is imminent.

Terry said...

On the 'once in a lifetime' theme, no snow in Minneapolis / St. Paul this March. That's happened before, but not in the last 132 years.

Kia ora Ruahines - I like in Minnesota now, but NZ originally.

greentangle said...

I hear you, Robb, I'm a big fan of water in lakes and ponds and rivers and showers, but on the floor is no fun. I'm developing a theory that the lousy past six months I've had are going to make the negative aspects of working at Yellowstone (for me, mostly it's sharing a room which will be tough) a lot easier to take.

Don and Terry, I know that if I were still there I'd be very grumpy about the abbreviated winter, but I'd still rather be there.

Bill said...

Are you in a floodplain? Just wondering.


greentangle said...

No, Bill, not near any particular water but there are plenty of ponds and streams and wetlands in the general area so I assume the water table is fairly high anyway and then combined with the end of a record rain month.