Friday, April 16, 2010

Best of Greentangle 2008

I haven't looked at 2009's posts yet, but I'm confident 2008 was the peak year for this blog. It was the only full year writing in my home in Duluth, and offers a mix of issues and reflective posts before the decline of 2009. So here goes.

Why does my heart feel so bad? Vegetarianism and the Peaceable Kingdom DVD--by far, my most Googled post

All the World's a Stage... Ranting about human-nature alienation

From Edward Abbey to Zulu War Rituals Plugging a great encyclopedia

No Way Home
Important book on migration

Spring Snow Celebrating my favorite weather (and music)

Squirrels Remembering

Books and Cars A carfree life

Locavores and Vegetarians
Why I don't eat animals

Serving My Country
Miltary madness, ecological wisdom

It's Not the Heat, It's the Stupidity
Ecological madness

Rewriting the Past Stream of consciousness from a long ago cafe

Lists Just what it sounds like

Wolves: Cinematic, Political, Biological, Cultural
Dancing through the years, with photos

To Interfere or Not to Interfere
Managing nature

A Sacred Diet? Plants and animals (and Palin)

Alex & Irene, P & I
Parrot tales, aka I'm sorry...come here

Hiking in Duluth III On the beach

Thar They Blow! Whales or justices?

Rambling Through the Dwindling Days Nearing the End

Dave Foreman and Earth First! Meeting the man, and a little history

The Clock is Ticking Overpopulation--according to the link at the end, there are 65,000,000 more people on the planet than when I wrote the post

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