Thursday, April 29, 2010

Best of Greentangle 2009

As I wrote in the 2008 summary, this was the decline of 2009. It was a rough year, described in the posts and demonstrated by the fact that I didn't include anything here written after I left Duluth at the end of September. And a reminder that "Best of" really means personal favorites.

The Domestic Wrecking Crew & their Rogue Primate Masters
Book review and a comparison of animal rights and wilderness preservation

The Mysterious Case of the Moving Bread Yeah, it's silly, but it would be a hit on YouTube

The Abbey Walk If it walks like Ed and talks like Ed . . .

Bookstores and Beyond
Amazon and more

Phase 3 of the blog--still limping along there, I guess

I Came Here for the Waters (and the Wolves)
I wrote a lot of farewell posts in 2009--this is one of them

Oh Deer (Hiking in Duluth IV) Everywhere an ungulate

Peregrine Falcon Banding Up close and personal (with photos)

Bite Back! Rod Coronado

One Missing Falcon
Yep, in 2009, I even lost a falcon

"The wind that talks in trees speaks pine in my ear." David Carroll

Goodbye, Cool World
Another farewell

Let the Water Come and Carry Me Away
Once more with feeling--Goodbye, Lake


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