Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Birds and Boxes

Took a little walk round Stony Brook this morning.

Some of these are quite blurry because I was using the digital zoom without a tripod. I left out the worst even though it cost some critters.

OK, this one's not a bird or a box. Hopefully, it's not so blurry that you were confused about that.


Woodswalker said...

How nice to see a Wood Duck actually using a Wood Duck house! Nice to see all those other critters, too. Happy Spring!

greentangle said...

More like summer today--mid 80s forecast.

Judy said...

You are in a beautiful place. How much better can it get? When I was a Hospice social worker, someone said to one of my patients that he would be going to a better place. He lived in a rural wooded area on a stream. His comment was that he felt he already was in Heaven. I had to agree.