Friday, April 2, 2010

GHOst in the Pines

The crossing

Penthouse apartment

Waiting at the buffet

Who put that football in the tree?

You'll pretty much have to take my word for it--that's a great horned owl. Further proof that I need a lot more experience with this camera--I watched two flights among the trees and it didn't occur to me until miles later that I could have shot video, and recorded the calls I heard later. Of course, I haven't actually read the manual section on video yet. I'm still trying to learn to crawl by using automatic settings but reviews say the camera takes much better photos if you actually know what you're doing. I hope by the time a griz is charging and roaring, I'll have this all figured out.

At least the owl kept the rodents still.

Adventures in tree climbing for little creatures

There were lots of impossible to photograph turtles.

One of Henry's chairs?

Almost a year ago, I praised Some of the Dead are Still Breathing by Charles Bowden. Last night I got an email announcing that Orion magazine has named it the 2010 Orion Book Award Winner. And in my recent review of Bill McKibben's new book, I mentioned his passing comment about vegetarianism. Orion also has an article by him titled The Only Way to Have a Cow.

Little dog

Mmmm, that was tasty!


Judy said...

Hey! Thanks for listing my blog. I just found you when I looked at my Google statistics. Love your pictures. I too am learning to use my camera. So much to learn. Blogging, computers, cameras...I hope this keeps Alzheimer's at bay. I will add your blog to my blog roll tonight. Thanks again. Maybe I missed it, but where are you located?

greentangle said...

Hi Judy, at the moment I'm physically in Massachusetts but still think of myself as a resident of Duluth, MN where I'd been for eight years, and starting at the end of May, I'm scheduled for four months at Yellowstone-Canyon.

Judy said...

Great! Will you be staying until October? If so, you'll end up at Old Faithful, right? Let's stay in touch. Thanks again.