Monday, April 5, 2010

Indulging Myself (You Needn't Follow)

A few evenings ago, as I was walking in the darkest of dusk, beside an area of tall trees the town is eager to "develop" because of its location near an interstate highway exit, never mind the vacancies in the already existing adjacent office building, and actually you might call it two areas of tall trees divided by a stone wall, oaks on one side, white pine on the other, a perfect example for land use history analysis, I say I was walking, rambling perhaps, in the abnormal warmth of the day reduced to the more pleasant abnormal warmth of the evening, evening being my personal favorite portion of the cycle, when near the top of a twisty oak I did see settle in a mighty big bird which in the deepening gloom was just a colorless silhouette slightly darker than the background and I was struck still and stood asking myself or more accurately the bird Who the hell are you, a raptor, no your neck is much much too long, a heron, no your tail isn't a heron tail, and as I'd struck myself a good blow to the temple earlier in the day, I wondered if I might be concussed and hallucinating this big twisty dark bird among the big twisty dark branches of the tall oak against the darkening sky, none of us knowing how soon they/we might all be gone, sold, sold out, sold down the flooded river, sold for a few pieces of impure silver, but for the moment the bird was there, but I later realized out of the places where I'd seen, enjoyed seeing these big black birds by, in, the water, drying outstretched wings, but never roosting, and so out of my historical context cormorant never crossed my mind until I researched later and realized it was the only possibility but sociable bird where was your cohort, killed by the humans for eating their fish?

Today I received confirmation that my future employer has received the reference letter they needed (and a glowing letter it is, based on my volunteering days watching the falcons, which makes me myself glow too and reminds me that I'll miss them [falcons, coworkers paid and free, tourists, homeless, marathoners, even children] mightily this June, and wish that someday before I die someone will pay me a bit for doing what I love instead of for what I hate) and that they will be picking me up in the nearby big city (Population 40,000) on the agreed date and at the agreed time and so I reserved a cheap motel room in the big city for three nights prior, to enjoy my last nights with a room of my own, to begin acclimating to elevation,
to stretch out after too much bus time, to eat my last possibly decent vegetarian food for months (though vegetarian options at every meal are promised in writing, I know I'm not going to see seitan or tempeh and will be surprised if tofu even makes an appearance--I'm expecting to be living on lots of veggie burgers, pasta, salad bars, and sides of vegetables).

The current plan is still to spend a few days in Duluth en route and meet my shipped stuff there and put it in storage. So now I know when I'll be leaving Duluth (May 25); I just need to figure out when I'm getting there!

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Judy said...

You're on your way! You lead a nomadic life, I take it. Have a good trip.