Friday, April 23, 2010

The Morning After

Aren't you glad that we got rid of that oilman president and elected a much nicer guy who wants to add nuclear power plants and expand offshore drilling? That burning, sinking rig was quite an Earth Day celebration, wasn't it? I just followed a link to a related article via Yahoo and noticed an interesting policy regarding comments. People can vote on each comment and if there are a lot more nays than yeas the comment gets hidden. In this case, any comments mentioning wacky ideas like solar and wind were hidden.

A long-time reader sent me a link to the Missoula Independent because of the Yellowstone article (making money off research in the park) but I also noticed the long article about Earth Day which includes much interesting info on topics ranging from grizzlies and pine nuts to oil and gas to generations of direct actioners from Mike Roselle to the Northern Rockies Rising Tide. You should definitely give it a read.

I was happy for the reminder about this newspaper. On my old computer in Duluth, I had a folder of Missoula websites because I was very interested in visiting. I think what first drew my attention was the intriguing Environmental Studies Masters program at the university, and the more I looked the more it seemed like a place to check out. So I'm expecting to do that when I leave Yellowstone.

Maybe this is a little more positive, maybe not depending on who you talk to, but Massachusetts, the 3rd most densely populated (by humans, that is) state but also the 8th most forested state, just increased its ban on logging from 13% on one category of state land to 60%, along with increased restrictions on clear-cutting.

Time for the hair of the dog.

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