Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bozeman in the Morning

I meant to tell you that one of the bus stops along the way was at a bowling alley. I thought it might amuse you as it did me.

My motel is right across the street from the bus station. When I walked out early this morning, the first thing I saw was the Yellowstone Park bus loading up employees. I should have taken a photo to show you, but I wasn't thinking clearly. I was thinking, "NO, I'M NOT READY YET!!" Then I remembered it was only Thursday and it was OK.

I went for a hike, climbing up a little hill a couple blocks away. I'm close to 5000 feet here but haven't noticed anything different with level walking; was maybe a bit more out of breath after the hill. I'll be close to 8000 in the park. The park near the motel has a handy brochure which notes that there are over 220 species of plants and lists which are likely to be blooming in which month. I'll try to get back to look down instead of around. Here are a few of the neighborhood views.

The building on the right is the library. On the building on the left, the graffiti advices you to read a book.

The next mountain has an unusual geological M formation.

There are lots of magpies around which is cool with me. I'd only seen one in the Duluth zoo before. Birds grow big here--I saw a robin I thought was a crow at first.

After my hike, I opened a bank account at what turned out to be the wrong bank--I picked it because they had ATMs in the park; halfway through the process I learned they no longer did. I doubt I'll be doing much spending of cash there anyway; I just wanted a place for direct deposit. Had a bagel better than any in Duluth, and walked on to a much larger, cheaper coop as well. Now I'm just hanging out waiting for my free books newsletter, then it's out for lunch as long as the rain holds off.


Jain said...

Magpies rock.

Incredible views.

greentangle said...

They do indeed rock.

It's funny to be walking along as if you're in any town and then turn your head and think, Whoa! I could do a bunch of photos like The View from CVS, The View from Main St. But it's rainy today, so photos may be done. Forecast isn't great for first days at Yellowstone either.

Judy said...

Too bad you can't stay in Bozeman. I'm ready to run away. My cash drawer was over by $80. Took 5 people and an hour to fill out all of the paperwork. I worked today with a retired school teacher and a man who was in the State department. We get yelled at by 20 somethings who can't spell or know words with more than 2 syllables. Maybe Canyon will be more laid back...I hope for your sake that I'm right. Enjoy the scenery.

greentangle said...

I was thinking the same thing, Judy ("too bad you can't stay in Bozeman"). Then again, when I was opening a bank account, the guy told me about someone around here who made a lot of money putting condoms in acorns. This might not be a good place to stay.

I'm hoping I'll have a lot less customer contact than you--watch them stick me running a cash register.