Sunday, May 30, 2010


I apologize right now for that deceptive title--there aren't any photos of Yellowstone waterfalls. At some point when I'm settled, there might be a distant one or two. I did take some more snowy mountain photos.

This morning I told the managers at training my tale of how I have a job in another location. They wondered why I am here in that case--the same thing I've wondered myself. My manager and I both wanted me to start work tomorrow at Mammoth but the need for red tape and bureaucracy triumphed because the paper work wasn't done yet since I was only offered and accepted the job when I arrived.

So I did the basic training this morning that applies to everyone and now am done here, just waiting to see when what happens next happens. I'll call in the morning to find out the timetable; the sooner the better as far as I'm concerned. I just want to be at a spot where I can unpack my bag for more than a couple days.

So with the afternoon free, I took a mile walk along the main road to see the canyon. Of course, there aren't any sidewalks, the shoulder of the road barely exists, and there was a fair amount of big vehicles cruising by. So I was walking in a drainage ditch, trying to keep my feet dry by walking on slanted gravel and mud covered tar while looking around for grizzly bears and other cool sights. You know where this is headed, don't you?

Before I really knew what happened, I was on my face saying another four letter f word. I've got a good sized oozing scrape on one knee (not the one I'd already tweaked climbing up the bunk bed), and some permanent scratches on one lens of the glasses I just bought a couple months ago. This was actually my second fall this trip--back in Duluth, I tripped headlong over a piece of driftwood by the Lake. Maybe it's time for me to stop walking. I'm pretty much ready to sit in one spot reading and computing and petting a cat. And I guess I'll need to print some money too.

Anyway, with my record, it's probably just as well that as I expected before I got here, my fear of heights kept me from getting very close to the edge of the canyon to take photos. So that was my day. Tomorrow I have the full day to do nothing unless someone takes me to Mammoth. Have you ever read a more boring post from a majestic park? Yellowstone is stunningly beautiful but I feel a bit overwhelmed, like Thoreau on Katahdin. I guess I like my nature flatter and wetter and greener. I'm glad to have seen this place but I already know I won't move to Montana soon or become a Yellowstone regular.


Judy said... fell. I haven't done that yet. You will continue to eat off trays and there are no coffee mugs. I hope you get to Mammoth soon. I think the scenery there will be more to your liking. If you get real desperate and hate your job, try to get a job in Gardiner for a while. The only problem is finding housing down there, I'm sure. Even Livingston would be a better place to hang out. It will be interesting to see how you do. I think we have the same problems with being here.

greentangle said...

I think if I had a car and/or a good place to go, I'd probably be making plans to leave too out of frustration and I also haven't been feeling my best for a couple weeks, but I'll at least wait to see if they get me to the new job and location and see how that set up is. A second person told me the food is better there. But whenever I leave the park I'll be heading back to Duluth, not looking for a job out here.

Judy said...

At least you have a back up plan. I think your worst problem at Mammoth will be housing...who you have to live with. Ask personnel if they are charging you for room and board this week when they aren't giving you any work. Your first check could be nothing, not that it amounts to much anyway. At least the weather is nice today but I have to work this afternoon. Good luck.