Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good Morning, Buffalo

Here from 4 AM til 6:30 AM when the next driver starts work. The bus has electricity and wifi so I made a couple quick checks last night. Celtics won game 2--go green!

A couple hours ago in Rochester, some guy came on the bus, said he was Homeland Security and started asking us if we were US citizens while another stood up front in case we made a break for it. I assumed this was fun for some local drunks in the middle of the night, but later saw they had actually gotten back into a car that said Border Lord, I mean Patrol. Not that the two are mutually exclusive. Did NY pass an Arizona law while I wasn't looking? Anyway, everyone he asked said yes including me because I was too sleepy to go out and take a beating like a real man. So the Homeland is safe tonight in Rochester.

As usual the time leading up to travel was much worse than the actual experience has been so far. I looked at destinations in the Boston bus terminal wondering if one of them was a place I could go and live a new simple peaceful life, as if I wouldn't take me along wherever I went. I don't go into change well, even from a lousy situation, but once the change has actually happened I cope pretty well, which is why I might actually survive in Yellowstone.

I have time for a 3 hour breakfast at a funky veggie place in Minneapolis tomorrow morning--see you then.


Northland said...

Nice to have that laptop, eh? Amazing being "interrogated" by homeland security. Even the term "homeland" reminds me of fascism. Did you see them check ID's?

Change is always hard for me too. Though major changes in my life I've always been able to go forward with blind optimism...

Great traveling blog!

Judy said...

You are on your way! I'm ready to head the other way. Actually, it's a love/hate situation. I'm getting used to the crazies in the Park, I love being able to walk a lot, but get a little irritated working so hard for $7.75 an hour. Oh is what it is. Try not to get into trouble on the way here.

greentangle said...

Yes, the laptop comes in handy as long as there's free wifi like here in my motel.

As far as I heard, they didn't ask for papers because everyone just said they were American citizens. I just heard a horror story last night from a native New Zealander about Montana Border Patrol. Their Amtrak train left without them while he was being hassled.