Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lovely Day

Anyone remember that Bill Withers song? There were some other lyrics, but primarily the song consisted of him singing "lovely day" over and over and over and over (with three syllables in lovely). It was a lovely song and that's the kind of day today was even with the dozen or so crawling ticks I pulled off my body in a car, a restaurant, and a couple bathrooms. So that has to be a pretty damn lovely day.

It started with a Lake... so many lovely days do. Shades of grey kind of suit me anyway.

And there was more water, in a river.

There were trees.

Some had holes.

Below the trees, trillium

and lady slippers

and many more, including one of my favorites, columbine, just beginning. But every columbine photo I took was badly out of focus. I guess it can't all be lovely.

There was wildlife.

What? You lookin' at me?

We were also looking at the porcupine we saw waddling along the ground, too fast for me to take a photo if you can believe that. Hey, porky was heading uphill and behind and between a bunch of trees. And it's not nice to chase porcupines.

Then off to lunch where I had some tofu with dipping sauces and spicy Thai noodles. After lunch and a shower to get my ticks clean, I decided to visit Walden the cat. Figured I'd bring some beer and what was the first six-pack I saw? Moose Drool. Never put off til Montana what you can do in Minnesota, so that's what I bought.

For whatever reason, Walden was a little more amiable tonight and I got in quite a few pets and even a few head rubs and a kiss. He's an amazingly silky smooth cat.

You might not be able to tell from the photo, but I noticed the title of that red book is How to Live with a Calculating Cat. I can't swear that it was purchased after they took in Walden.

Then I sat by a fire drinking Drool and feeling more at peace than I have since leaving Duluth eight months ago. The beer? It's OK, but the name was really the best part for me. And afterward I came back to my temporary home and ordered a Rustler: pizza with seitan, pineapple, banana peppers, red onions, and barbecue sauce.

A lovely day. Many thanks to T & W for making almost all of it possible, from the trip to Jay Cooke State Park to the care and feeding of an emotionally challenged cat.

Oh, and on my way back, out on the Lake was a lovely fog. It's good to be home. No questions asked.


Judy said...

Love the kitty. They are all calculating. Enjoy the food while you can. The EDR food is going downhill rapidly. You should stay there. It looks beautiful. I may leave and go there. Anywhere but here with a roommate who talks to herself. Have a good trip.

Northland said...

Yeah, Superior country is sure nice. Good thing you'll be in Duluth for a couple more days, everyone likes a vacation. I remember coming down here to the Keweenaw some summers from bush Alaska; we would leave Lake Superior with our last view going west on US2 at Duluth, feeling glum because the vacation was about over. Being down here all the time leaves me yearning for Alaska, where I go on occasion in vacation mode. It is nice here, but it's nice at a lot of places...
Enjoy life in Yellowstone, because you won't be at such a beautiful place for long.

greentangle said...

Judy, I've read the menu is on a three week cycle--maybe you're just noticing how bad it is the 2nd time around. It is beautiful, and I wish there was a way I could stay here but if there was, I never would have left.

Don, I think yesterday was the midpoint of my Duluth time and certainly the peak. Coming here definitely was good for my mood and attitude but now I'm sliding down into thinking about having to leave soon (again). I hope I'm so damn stunned by the beauty of Yellowstone that I can put up with what most of my time there will actually be like, but we'll have to see what happens.