Monday, May 31, 2010

A New Start

Today I was rescued. Saved. Given new hope. Relocated.

At my first Yellowstone stop, my dorm was down this road.

Obviously a pretty area for us tree and snow lovers, but the dorm room was tiny and the food not too good.

This is the road I was walking next to when I fell on my face, but there usually wasn't this kind of room for walking.

This is the best big waterfall photo I took. I believe this is Upper Falls. I was too afraid to get close enough to the edge to take a good photo of the bigger, more famous, more beautiful Lower Falls.

At noon today, a new coworker arrived to take me to my new home. On the way, I saw my first Yellowstone coyote doing a bouncy walk through a meadow.

I got my new dorm room. I have a roommate who's moving out in a couple days. He's far away on the other side of the room. There is room for another bed between our beds. We have a bathroom all to ourselves--I didn't even notice that the first time I was in the room.

I stopped by my new job and worked a couple hours. It's just like the real world. I'll be working M-F 8-5 with an hour for lunch. Since I didn't pack any dress clothes, I got a ride back to the uniform shop in Gardiner and traded in my big white kitchen hat for the black slacks and maroon dress shirts I'll be wearing all summer.

Here's one of my new neighbors. I walked around for less than an hour and I've already seen tourists being stupid with elk. Don't use the sidewalk when the elk are right next to it!

A view of my new neighborhood.

I've never lived in a neighborhood which looked like this. It will take some getting used to, but it's got a beauty of its own.

Another neighbor. You go ahead and try to enforce this speed limit.

At dinner, I met some more neighbors--a couple from Alabama who live across the hall from me. They were very nice and told me they have a convenience store in their room and I should knock if I ever want anything. All the folks who said the food here was better weren't lying. I went back for seconds of veggie lasagna.

More neighbors near the sidewalk.

This is my new home.

I like it.



Northland said...

Reallly good to hear some unbridled (for you) optimism about your foray in the straight working world of National Park Concessions!
What a great way to spend your summer among the natural wonders of Yellowstone- and no commodes to clean either.
I look forward to reading and seeing pictures on the glorious hikes you will be taking.

P.S. Thanks for doing the great review of 12 X 12. I would've never bothered to get the book if I had relied on the publisher's information.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Glad to read things on the improve since the fall! You have a very beautiful back yard to get amongst and I hope you find time for some great interaction with it.

Judy said...

Fantastic! You got in the good dorm. My friend, Ken, lives there. He is an older man, white hair, works at the Grille. If you see him, tell him I said hey. Things are going better and I think you will like it there.

greentangle said...

Thanks all, finished a day of work and I think it should be fine. I'll probably be posting quite a bit less now that I'll be working 40 hours a week and have other distractions. I'll certainly pass on any good adventures and photos.

Allan Stellar said...

I'm loving the adventure of it all...