Tuesday, May 4, 2010

No Moods (Relinked)

A couple years ago I read a four book science fiction trilogy by Canadian marine biologist Peter Watts which I enjoyed quite a bit. For a while I even had a link to his blog in my list. Here's my post announcing that, which includes a link to his post celebrating the election of Obama which was titled Where Were You When the USA Pulled Back from Being a Fascist Shithole?

He's probably been too busy to think of that post lately, but if he has I imagine he now recognizes his error. I didn't hear about this until yesterday, but he had, let's say, a difference of opinion with some Michigan border guards back in December. Here is his first post on the subject where he suggests that in a parallel universe he didn't get punched, pepper-sprayed, jailed, charged, and otherwise abused for asking a question. And here is what I first learned about it after his sentencing hearing, and here is his own post afterward.

Pulled back, indeed! Power to the people, one small link for man, etc.


Anonymous said...

Very sad story with a anticlimactic ending (though Dr Watts had to be relieved).
I have had a number of very bad experiences being shook down by s.o.b. border guards, of both Canadian and American authority. That officer Beaudry sounds like the worst of the worst.
One thing is for sure, if I hadn't kept my mouth shut and taken their crap, like Watts didn't, some similar injustice would have happened to me.
Thanks for sharing these links.

Allan Stellar said...

Funny, I wrote about American Fascism and then visited your link...to find you pointing out American Fascism...interesting...

Allan Stellar said...

I got detained crossing back from Canada into the US back in 93. They detained my girlfriend at the time, and myself, for more than an hour. They unpacked all our stuff; tore a part the car. One border guard said: "I know they have something on them". I was wearing a tie-dyed shirt and we had no money on us. Made us suspicious.

The end of the story? We got away. And we did have a small amount of a certain substance on us that they missed when they emptied out my girlfriend's purse... :)

greentangle said...

Boy, post-hippie and pre-terror and still getting picked on--you must have looked very suspicious, Allan. But at least they were incompetent as well as obnoxious.

I keep getting knives stolen because I forget they're in my packs. Other than that my only fun encounter with "security" (so far--but wait til I get to places like Dakota and Wyoming) was when a Greyhound guy in Cleveland, walking along the line of people waiting to get on the bus, asked me if I knew where Osama was.