Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Not Home, But Not Bad At All

Where did we last meet? I had a nice coconut curry (tofu, red pepper, broccoli, portabella) rice bowl before leaving Duluth. Did I ever tell you that I was pleasantly surprised by my Duluth motel room? I was expecting to stay at a couple dives on this trip. 

Despite many bus issues, I've made it to Bozeman as scheduled.Traveled through Theodore Roosevelt National Park with its wild topography and saw four bison from the bus. Crossed the Yellowstone River several times--doesn't look like it would have such a dramatic falls in the park. Here's a falls from back in Duluth along Tischer Creek.

At lunch today, I had a tasty veggie sandwich at a cafe in Billings based on the tip of a new Bozeman friend from the bus. We're going to get together Friday if we've recovered from the bus trip. After checking in this afternoon and showering (Did I mention I was pleasantly surprised by the motel room in Duluth? Well, this one has a microwave, refrigerator, and big screen tv to go with the wifi, and I'm doing laundry as I type. And it's dirt cheap.), I took a walk to a nice downtown with a beautiful new library, visited the cool Vargo's Jazz City and Books, ate possibly the best pizza of my life (pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and toasted pine nuts) with an icy Glacier Ale at MacKenzie River Pizza, and bought a few things I need for the park.

Tomorrow I open a bank account, hike, eat, take photos. I haven't taken the camera out in town yet even though there are some pretty impressive mountains in a couple directions from the motel. But I think you'll be satisfied with these Crazy Mountains taken from the bus stop in Big Timber.

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