Sunday, May 2, 2010

Now That's a Lake Walk

So much to do and write and so little time. I've had the ideas and titles for two longer personal posts in mind for a couple weeks now but haven't made any progress on the writing yet--one is about the arts, and the second is about the deja vu of going to Yellowstone. I'd also like to make the time to write about offshore energy--both the latest ongoing expanding oil spill (sounds like a little Oops, doesn't it? Oops, we spilled a little!) and the wind farm which was just approved for off the Massachusetts coast. And I want to write up my whale day--in the mean time, you can go here to read about and see photos from recent whale watches including the one I was on. Oh yeah, and Boston's water supply had a catastrophic break yesterday--a couple million people need to boil water.

But for the moment, before they walk too far, I just want to point out a website about the Lake and a couple walking around it. I really haven't even had time to fully explore the site yet, but it looks good and will be getting better as they add their observations. They started from Duluth and are now in Wisconsin. Under Dispatches on the website, you can see a video which includes Lake waves behind the talking heads on a Duluth beach. I'll be there in 18 days. Ahhh.


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