Monday, May 17, 2010

Playing the Percentages

I watched The Bear Whisperer on television last night, about Steve Searles trying to keep black bears alive and away from people and birdfeeders in Mammoth Lakes, CA. I believe he was on a bear walk I took in Duluth about seven years ago. I passed a birdfeeder this morning; you may now call me the chipmunk whisperer.

I'll leave Boston tomorrow afternoon--100%
I'll arrive in Duluth Thursday afternoon--99.9%
Being in Duluth will make me sigh--100%
This blog will finally have some photos of the Lake--100%
Seeing my old cat will make me cry--87%
I'll leave Duluth Tuesday afternoon--95%
I'll enjoy being alone in cheap motel rooms--98.6%
I'll disappear in the North Dakota night, never to be heard from again--2%
I'll enjoy Bozeman--75%
I'll enjoy drinking my first Moose Drool Ale in Bozeman--95%
I'll make it to Yellowstone--85%
I'll go to Missoula instead--7%
I'll be movin' to Montana soon--16%
I'll make it through my 4 month Yellowstone job--40%
My roommate and/or I will die over personal space issues--1%



Woodswalker said...

Gonna be a real estate tycoon -- 0%

Good luck in your many adventures, friend. I look forward to your reports. Pet your old kitty for me.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora GT,
Enjoy yourself -100%!

Jain said...

Looking forward to Lake photos. Happy travels.

greentangle said...

Thanks to you all for keeping me company on the trip. 'See' you soon.

Allan Stellar said...

Have fun...

Chances of taking a hike with Allan? 20%...