Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Side of the Road

Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera to our highway cleanup this morning. It would have been an interesting collection of photos, but I probably wouldn't have picked up much trash. I was easily enough distracted as it was.

The plants which surround me here have me feeling like a stranger in a strange land. One pretty yellow flower caught my attention. Working from my inadequate and only field guide, it might have been the Pale Mountain Dandelion. And a cactus! I was walking along the road looking at cactus. This sort of thing just didn't happen in Minnesota and Massachusetts. It was a really lovely cactus too, some sort of Prickly-pear.

On the less lovely side, I found an upside down mousetrap which turned out to have the remains of a mouse attached. And a deer leg with most of the flesh gone. No other parts of the body nearby so I assume this had been left here recently by a predator.


Terry said...

There are actually prickly pear in Minnesota, actually :-) I was just now able to find my uninteresting picture of one at Blue Mounds State Park. Of course that is just barely in Minnesota.

Cheers -Terry

greentangle said...

Ah, you caught me! When I was looking at varieties on e-nature it had Minnesota listed in the range for at least one of them. But for me MN was mostly D & SP.

In any case, today out here in cactus country it was snowing off and on all morning.

Adrian Ayres Fisher said...

Greetings from Illinois. have never been to Yellowstone, but your pictures catch some of what I imagine is the spirit of the place, Too bad you've been sick.

Recently saw a prickly pear growing on a sand ridge with white blue-eyed grass at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie. No snow, though.

Also saw one once off the lake Superior Hiking Trail.

greentangle said...

Hi, thanks for visiting. I went to college in Illinois, lived there for 8 years altogether.

Was a lovely evening for a walk here tonight--no snow in sight.