Friday, July 9, 2010

All the News that Occurs to Me

It's been a quiet week overall (it was nice to be free of neighborhood fireworks for once) but another full work week is done. I wish I could entertain you with tales about some of the characters I deal with on the phone. The people who sit near me are often entertained just hearing half of the conversation. The overwhelming majority of callers are fine even when something has gone wrong (and really, something having gone wrong is pretty much the only reason my phone rings) but there have been a few times I've really had to restrain myself. And some other folks are just flat out funny, whether they intend to be or not.

Even though phone use is something I usually dislike, I do it so much here that it doesn't bother me, especially considering that I would have been washing dishes or something similar if I hadn't been rescued at the last moment.

I found myself this week thinking of ways in which life here is a miniature of life in the States. I may start writing that but if I ever post it, it will be after I leave.

Earlier this evening I stood watching four young elk playing and racing through the sage. Their speed and bounciness is v
ery amusing to behold. A few nights ago a big herd of a couple dozen young and adults passed by on their way into the hills for the night.

I'm thinking of joining a ranger-led walk around the terraces tomorrow morning--I've walked them many times myself, but it would be interesting to hear about them. I'm going to Bozeman for a day next week, on a group hike to Monument Geyser Basin the following week (which is also when employee 40% discount kicks off at the gift shop--I have a shirt and guidebook in mind for me--do you need any souvenirs?), and at the end of the month will head to Grand Teton National Park for the first time.

Since I don't have any new real bear photos to share, here is the t-shirt I won playing bingo.

There was actually a rather disturbing bear tale here this week. One of the campgrounds was closed to tenting because a young male grizzly had been exploring for food, entered a tent, and according to a write-up of the events, bit a generator. He then returned with a second bear later in the day--I imagined, "C'mon, you've gotta try this generator--it's really good!" Eventually, he was trapped and taken to a zoo. Here's the story.


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Woodswalker said...

Ha ha ha. That's a good one! Glad to hear you're having some fun.