Friday, July 30, 2010

Beaver Ponds Trail

This was a nice five mile hike through woods and meadows with a coworker . Because of all the office accounting jobs I've had in my life, I've often been told, "You don't seem like an accountant." This hike gave me my first chance to say it to someone else, an actual CPA even. I covered myself by saying I'd always taken it as a compliment--she said she's heard it many times herself and takes it the same way. We traded life stories during the three hour hike--I hadn't done that in awhile and it was fun.

But enough about the humans, let's get on to the hike. Starting off past the bear warnings struck an interesting note after having heard about the campground attacks but those which have been seen in this immediate area are usually the safer black bears. The trail starts off with a good climb up a gulch, crossing a creek a couple times before switchbacking to the top of the hill and some nice views.

There was a wide variety of flowers along the trail, including some paintbrushes, but only this color combo was showy enough to demand a photo.

The trail itself had quite a bit of variety also but here's one look.

There were also several creek crossings, some by bridge, one by log, one by stones. There were lots of good places for bears to hide, and if they were there we didn't spot them. Eventually we made it to the series of ponds the trail is named for but I don't think there are beavers there now. I just saw one old dam and no lodge. The ponds were pretty though and one had a harried mother duck with what looked to be about twenty young darting through the water in all directions.

The ponds are around the midpoint of the trail and it was then we needed to put on the rain jackets. Some thunderstorms were passing to the northwest, and despite some flashing skies and long low rumbles, no major downpours hit us and the metal hiking stick protruding from my pack didn't draw any lightning bolts.

We listened to a trailside tale from this lovely resident.

Due to the rain, I didn't take any new photos from the open final couple miles of the trail, where we saw a couple elk and a rabbit, but here are a few from my last visit.

And a Blue Copper couple, I believe, to finish us off.

Tomorrow we're Tetons bound for sightseeing, not hiking. Photos bound to follow, probably some time Sunday.

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