Sunday, July 18, 2010

Downhill (Hike the First)

The Bozeman trip was a success--I now have an account at a bank with branches there and in Duluth, and I bought everything I wanted including some clothes for work and a collapsible hiking stick. It was very disorienting to be in 90 degree temperatures looking at all the snow remaining on the mountaintops surrounding town. I acted much like someone who's been hiking a long distance trail for weeks and finally made it to town--I ate a pizza with pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and pine nuts which was positively orgasmic. The icy Glacier Ale which accompanied it was mighty tasty also. I followed that up with a pint of frozen minty chocolate chip yogurt at the coop, and stocked up on bagels and good bread.

I had good outdoor intentions for Saturday but apparently there was some readjustment required because I spent the day writing and drinking various brands of beer from the General Store. And it was good I ate a lot in Bozeman because at both lunch and dinner, I walked into the cafeteria, took a look at the offerings, and walked back out. I'm not exactly living on reds, vitamin C, and cocaine, but it might be healthier than what I eat some days.

So I was out early this morning with high hopes of hiking along a river because I've been feeling the need for more water in this dry place. And as more time goes by, I'm starting to feel like screw the bears, I'm going hiking and I'm doing it alone, because that's the way I like it. So I headed downhill toward the campground and the river beyond.

I saw some flowers.

And some trees.

Some of the trees came with birds attached.

And eventually I noticed I had other company on the hill.

I'm not sure if the correct phrase is "I'm glad she wasn't a bear", or "I wish she'd been a bear", but eventually I even saw the river way down there.

But even with my new third leg, one knee was complaining about all the downhill stress and I decided that if I'm going to blow it out, I'm going to do it on a much steeper group hike Thursday evening so I decided to head farther uphill where I could then do some flat walking.

I'll tell you about this morning's second hike later--more new flowers, more elk, and a creature never before seen on this blog!



Northland said...

Nice pictures of your hiking scenery.
Must be a "too big to fail" bank like Wells Fargo to have branches in Bozeman and Duluth. Sure is convenient to have so many branches though.
Are you making moves back to Duluth for this winter?

greentangle said...

Yeah, you picked the bank. Don't want to have to close the account when I leave in case I come back next May.

At the moment my "plan" is to go to Duluth when I leave here in October (probably after visiting Missoula for a couple days), convince someone to rent me an apartment for only 7 months (in case . . . ), go to Boston, ship my stuff out of storage back to Duluth, and see if I can find a job to live on to stay there.

Or I may just try to find something else seasonal somewhere for the winter.

Allan Stellar said...

I'm kind of hoping you keep picking National Parks to hang out in. That way I can continue to live vicariously through you! As always, your blog is a fun read! Thanks for sharing it with us...

greentangle said...

If I were an animal-eating car-driving guy, it would be a fun life bouncing from park to park, but as is it's both tough nutritionally (and YNP is the only park where vegetarian options are supposedly guaranteed at every meal) and I'm seeing less of the park than people who spend much less time here so it's probably not a long term thing for me.